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Middle School Open Enrollment

2015 - 2016 Open Enrollment dates will be announced soon.

EACS is still accepting applications for enrollment into grades 6, 7, and 8 for the 2014 - 2015 school year.

Esperanza Academy 2015 - 2016 application forms are avialable. Click here Admissions.

High School Lottery

2015 - 2016 Lottery for grades 6 - 12 will be announced soon.

Summer Reading

Summer reading list for grades 9 - 12 and the accompanying writing assignment

Summer reading for 7th and 8th grade. Reading List and assignment for 7th grade. Summer 2014 8th Grade Reading assignment and Project Options -- #1 and #2 & #3.

2014 - 2015 School Supplies

9-12 general school supplies list for 2014 - 2015

Employment Opportunities

Jobs at Esperanza

Current Events

Middle Grades -- 6 - 8 New Drop-off and Pick-up Procedure

Drop-Off Procedure

  • Dropped off on Bristol St. away from the entrance ramp. Students then walk on sidewalk leading to the main entrance of our building.

  • Do not drop-off at the top of ramp as there is incoming traffic. Do drop-off at school side of street on Bristol St.

  • Main entrance drop-off: drive slowly down the ramp and proceed off the campus using the 3rd street exit. Please note 3rd street is a one way street and leads to Hunting Park Ave.

  • Pick-Up Procedure

  • Dismissed by grade level begins at 2:55 PM with 6th grade,followed by 7th grade, and then 8th grade.

  • Students exit the building and walk up the ramp towards Bristol St. Walking in lot between both buildings in not permitted as it is a construction zone.

  • 8th grade students are to be picked up at the lot located on the corner of 3rd and Bristol St. Feel free to park in that lot and wait for your child.
  • If you need additional clarity about new Drop-off and Pick-Up procedures, please click here

    School Opening dates for 2014 - 2015 are as follows:

  • September 2, 2014 -- 9th Grade

  • September 3, 2014 -- 10th, 11th & 12th Grades

  • September 9, 2014 -- 6th , 7th & 8th Grades
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    Esperanza ranked 3rd highest Charter School in PA, and #52 Nationally